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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Location, location, location

Well, if I haven't convinced you yet, another awesome thing about our house is its location. We are in Root school district in East Fayetteville, which is very desirable. Also, we are perfectly located within Fayetteville. Nothing is very far away. Grocery shopping and a 24 hour Walgreen's are super close, and we're about halfway between the Joyce/College intersection and the library (one of our favorite places). Gulley Park is just a short walk or drive away.

We have favorite shortcuts to get around College Avenue traffic, too. We travel Old Wire up to Old Missouri as well as Old Wire down to Mission. We can get around Fayetteville quickly either way.

So, check out our house. And pass along the info to your friends.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're selling our house

So, our house is ready to be shown. We have absolutely loved living here and have so many fond memories in this place. But to a future buyer, that doesn't really matter. What a buyer may care about are the things that anyone could love about this place. Here are my favorite features of this house in no particular order.

1. Trees--Our neighborhood is filled with beautiful, mature trees. During the fall, it is so relaxing to sit in the living room and gaze out the bow window at the changing colors all around us. And during the summer, it's great to have our huge oak shading that same window.

2. Tri-level--We have absolutely loved having 3 levels in our home. Upstairs are bedrooms and baths only. It's easy to put children to bed upstairs and entertain guests on either of the lower levels. The separation of the three spaces has served us well.

3. Downstairs living area--We love being downstairs to watch a movie or football game, and the living area there is such a large space, it can serve many functions. Right now, we have it divided into a sitting/TV area and a creative/learning area for the kids complete with a table and chairs. (In the past we had a full sized pool table in the creative/learning area, and that was lots of fun too.)

4. Backyard--Our children have loved the spacious backyard. We constructed a level, cushioned surface for our large playset, and they have really enjoyed playing there. Even with the large playset, there is plenty of room for a garden, a hammock and lots of running around.

5. Updates--We have updated almost everything in this house. It's nice to have new floors, faucets, fans and fun colors on the walls.

6. Kitchen--The kitchen is a great size. I have baked homemade bread, made homemade pasta and even spent many days over the years cooking an entire month's worth of meals (for two families) in one day. All of these are pretty space-consuming tasks, and this kitchen was up to the challenge. There's lots of counter space and plenty of floor space too.

7. 3 bathrooms--Very handy for overnight guests and our 3 kids.

For a limited time, our home is For Sale By Owner. If you happen to know of anyone in our area who is in the market for a house, would you please pass along our info?

It's here and here.



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    By Anonymous Dan Marusin, at 3:53 PM  

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Shameless Plug for Help

As most of you know, we are working night and day trying to get our house market-ready. Lord-willing, we'd love to finish that process this weekend. We have gotten so much accomplished, and the house is looking really great, but we need some help to get the last things on the list checked off.

So this is our shameless plug for help. If you're in our area and want to stop by to help tomorrow (Sat., Oct. 3), we will put you to work. We'll even let you choose your task. You can work for even 1 hour and make a big dent in the pile.

Here are some of the tasks we hope to complete tomorrow:
1. Hauling off some firewood we "earned" through the ice storm
2. Washing the outsides of our main level windows
3. Ironing duvet covers, curtains, pillow cases
4. Installing new window screens
5. Installing a ceiling fan and 2 bathroom exhaust fans
6. Removing nails and screws to prep for painting
7. Cleaning baseboards
8. Playing with our super-cute and fun kids
9. Caulking
10. Touch up painting
11. Doing a little bit of outside clean up and landscaping
12. Miscellaneous cleaning (We promise it won't be gross.--We've already done that part!)

So, if you can help, let us know so we can plan for tomorrow. We'll be working from 9 to 6. If you're here at a meal time, we'll feed you.


  • Would love to help! I'm committed in the am, but after the kids' naps, we'll hike it over and do what we can. Eli's pretty fly with a mop!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 PM  

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