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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Have We Fallen Off the Blogger Map?

I know, we never post anymore. We're just living life and haven't had time to catch up on blogging. I usually spend my journaling energy on my scrapbooks, but here's a quick update. I'm not going to try to catch you up completely because that would be overwhelming. I'll just start with this week.

Amelia has become our most active wrestler. Every night after dinner, Brett wrestles with the girls, which means they play on the floor, chase, etc. Amelia has taken to this activity with gusto. She doesn't know her own strength, so at times she gets a little rough. This is, however, the main time she will actually attempt walking. She is up to 4 steps in a row, I think. I guess she gets so excited about the wrestling that the walking just comes out.

Maitlyn and Elspeth have invented a daddy game called "grocery". Grocery is a game that is nothing like its name. Brett lays on the couch and he is a "grocery". Then the big girls pretend that they are going to the grocery store and go to look at the grocery item on the couch. The item (daddy) comes to life and tickles them. Then the game usually trasitions into full out chase with Daddy hiding around a corner and jumping out to scare them. So, that's grocery.

Maitlyn and I are having fun with our home education. We're ramping it up a bit thisc semester after a pretty laid back semester in the fall. She's becoming a good money counter, and she can read more and more fluently every day.

Today, we are going to celebrate Maitlyn's birthday (which was Dec. 30) and Aidan Hodskins' birthday (which was Dec. 15) with a little fun at Chuck E Cheese. Both of the kids have already had a party, but they weren't able to attend each other's parties, so thus the special day today.

That's all for now.


  • You know you've fallen off the blogger map when your first comment comes two weeks after the post.


    P.S. - Does Brett come in bulk or is he only available at smaller grocery stores?

    By Blogger James Miller, at 4:41 PM  

  • I'm a Special Order item.

    By Blogger Brett, at 12:20 PM  

  • Brett would never play Grocery with me when I wanted to "wrastle," although I do recall a little scrum with Drew Caperton in your basement one time during a rained out staff retreat. Oh well!

    Sounds like Brett is a GREAT dad!

    By Blogger Dr. A, at 9:50 PM  

  • If I ever check this blog and find it updated, I will honestly soil myself.

    By Blogger James Miller, at 12:40 AM  

  • I think the answer is "yes" to your question.....

    By Blogger khunton, at 10:54 PM  

  • Ok, I know you're busy, but you need to prove us all wrong and post something sometime. Por favor.

    By Blogger Stu, at 4:57 PM  

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