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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bell Ringing

We're all familiar with the Salvation Army bell ringers. We see them every time we go to the store during November and December. The girls love to put coins in the kettle whenever possible. Don't your kids?

Last week, during some free time, my girls decided to become bell ringers themselves. It all started with a broken bell ornament. Next came plastic containers pilfered from the recycling bin. Then decisions about where any donated money should be given. Maitlyn spent over an hour poring through Window on the World to get ideas for a worthy place. Elspeth decided immediately that she wanted to give to her new church, and Amelia decided that she wanted to help kids whose families are mean to them (abused kids) and/or kids who don't have any toys.

Elspeth and Amelia requested to go door-to-door in our new neighborhood to ring their bells and collect money. I wasn't feeling that brave, so I suggested that we ring bells to some of our friends. We have visited one family already and plan visits to two more during the next couple of weeks to ask for donations.

Throughout this whole project, it's been cool to see our girls' creativity and initiative as well as their desire to do something to make a difference in the world. They are on the road to being world-changers someday.

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